Inloophuis De Kloof

video & photographic work | 2022 - 2023


Commissioned by De Regenboog Groep in Amsterdam, I made a short documentary in which I had a dialogue with the visitors of De Kloof, a walk in centre for homeless people.  In the conversation we spoke about what this place is, what it means to the visitors, and about the importance of having suitable winterclothing. 

De Kloof is een inloophuis voor dak en thuisloze, van De Regenboog Groep in Amsterdam. Hier kunnen bezoekers overdag warm binnen zitten, koffie en eten krijgen, douchen en hun kleding ruilen voor schone. Ik woon in dezelfde stad, maar had eigenlijk weinig contact met deze doelgroep, naast dat ik ze af en toe op straat tegenkwam. In dit project ben ik gesprek gegaan met een aantal bezoekers van de Kloof, om er achter te komen wat dit voor plek is, wat ze hier doen, en om het te hebben over het belang van kleding

KABK Graduation Work:

Installation view of the Graduation Show at the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague (2023)

While it remains unseen by many, De Kloof’s activity plays a fundamental role in the life of most of the daily visitors. In this function, De Kloof, amongst other walk-in houses, establishes itself as one of the last possible places to turn to, for those who have nowhere else to go.  

The on-going work is made in a year of volunteer work with an aim to contribute to this community through visual language. The resulting video-installation explores the complex and dynamic world inside De Kloof, told through recorded one-on-one conversations, in which visitors, employees, and volunteers share their connection with the place. The photographs, established through collaboration, represent the voices of people who are experiencing homelessness.

The final work functions to present an insight, ask attention and advocate recognition to the unseen community of De Kloof.

Rick Webb:

Rick photographs the city of Amsterdam daily, using his phone. With this, he seeks to find unique moments, which go unnoticed for the average passer-by. Catching moments that exist briefly, as an attempt to slow down in the ever changing city environment.

Photography: Rick Webb
Text & edit: Tobias de Haan


Tout ouïe, j’entendais son orchestre et le vent était le chef d’ochestre, comme spectateurs la création et un couple d’amoureux, les visages d’arbres charmaient par la mariée de la fontaine en les accompagnants avec une flûte traversière, je suis enchanté ..

All ears open, I heard his orchestra and the wind was the conductor, as bystanders the creation and a few lovers, the faces of the trees charmed by the fountain’s fiancée, accompanying them with a flute, I am enchanted....

Photography & text: Jacques Vedel
Edit: Tobias de Haan


Iulian creates his images with his tablet, which he got with the help of De Regenboog Groep. A lot of time is put in the work he makes, wai

ting for the right moment and in editing the image. For Iulian, photographing is a method to calm down and disconnect from the rush of the city. With his work, he is finding ways to emphasize a feeling of positivity and aliveness.

Photography: Iulian
Text & edit: Tobias de Haan


Yousef is born and raised in Amsterdam, and became a regular visitor of De Kloof recently. With participating in this project, he wanted to take the opportunity to show his city in a different way than it is usually presented. Yousef’s images show him patiently wandering, allowing time to pass and wait for the photograph to present itself.

Photography: Yousef Ibrahim
Text & edit: Tobias de Haan


Chapter 1:
Coordinator Raf, Marc and Andrej talk about what De Kloof is, and what it does for the community.

De Kloof, a place for everyone. Video documentary work. 5’46 (2023)

Chapter 2:
Yassine and coordinators Rinze & Jessica talk about what De Kloof means to them, and how being part of the community effects them.

De Kloof, unseen gestures. Video documentary work. 5’42 (2023)

Chapter 3:
Yassine, Andrej, Darryl and volunteer Petj remember the time they got introduced to The Kloof.

De Kloof, the entrance. Video documentary work. 5’37 (2023)


With the photographs, I designed a set of 8 postcards. This set is being sold, and the full profit is donated back to the community of De Kloof.

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